All talented and involved people are welcome to our team.

To date, the following vacancies are available:

WordPress Developer


  • Ability to write PHP code, be versed in someone else’s code.
  • Good knowledge of CMS WordPress (functions, hooks, main plugins).
  • Ability to write plugins and themes for WordPress.
  • Optimization of processing speed of existing scripts.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL.
  • Availability of at least 3 online projects, where you participated in;
  • Experience in web-development of at least 3 years (at least 2 years on WP).
  • Ability to find solutions and achieve the set goals independently;
  • Ability to arrange own working process in an efficient way;
  • Focus on self-development, prompt learning of new material, systematic thinking;
  • High level of responsibility, discipline, independence.


Minimum knowledge, which a candidate needs to have:

  • You are able to work with the sub-themes, understand the basics of caching.
  • You are able to properly link the js and css scripts.
  • You understand the difference between get_posts and wp_query.
  • Prior to link an additional library, please make sure that you have used all opportunities of WordPress.
  • You comment your code trying to make it understandable for other developers.
  • When developing a website, please make sure that the functions are just not operating, but also are ready for scaling and comply with WordPress Codex.


It would be an asset:

  • Knowledge of technical English.
  • Skills in system administration (Apache, nginx, MySQL).
  • Prior experience working with GIT.


Job duties:

  • Development of previously created websites and launch of new ones on WordPress.
  • Active participation in choosing necessary technologies, writing of code.
  • Code-review and assistance to the remote developer team.
  • Deploy on production and error monitoring.



  • Competitive salary. Paid leave.
  • Prospects for advancement.
  • Flexible work schedule: 9-11 a.m. till 18-20 p.m.
  • Office located at Dmitrovskaya underground with playroom, library, kitchen room, shower room and other goodies available.
  • Paid fitness with pool; corporate breakfasts, beverages, coffee, fruits in the office. Participation in professional events.
Content Manager

Required experience: 1-3 years

Full-time employment, remote work

Job duties:

  • Search for information on financial products (credits, loans, cards and etc.), organizations and similar information, adding and editing the Company’s website content.
  • Independent translation of texts from Russian into Ukrainian and from Ukrainian into Russian.
  • Rewriting, copywriting of news, promotions. Proofreading of SEO-texts for uniqueness, spelling and punctuation.
  • Checking of implementation/operational ability of the website functions.
  • Preparation of weekly progress reports.
  • Maintenance of 2-3 projects.


  • Good written Russian and Ukrainian.
  • Prior experience working with CMS WordPress as a Content Manager.
  • Experience in adding the goods to the online shop’s website or similar catalogues.
  • Experience in rewriting with high uniqueness of texts.
  • Experience in translation from Russian into Ukrainian and from Ukrainian into Russian.
  • Basic skills in HTML text composition: headings, paragraphs, lists and other tags.
  • Basic understanding of terminology:  CMS, HTML, URL, link, placeholder, sidebar, checkbox, form


  • Full day/full-time employment.
  • Remote work.
  • Working hours from 10:00 a.m. (Moscow Time) – at least 8 hours online.
  • Payment: 2 times a month.

Available for the disabled candidates

SEO Specialist

Experience required: 1-3 years

Full-time employment, full day

Vacancy: SEO Specialist, website optimization (SEO) (prospects for advancement and development).

Permanent employment only(!) and work in office only (!) in Moscow.

Requirements to candidate:

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS basics (ability to compose text with pictures and paragraphs and insert a table into page).
  • Ability to express own ideas on paper (maybe, experience in writing of texts or advertisements). It will be required to edit texts in compliance with the established requirements of search systems, to add blocks of text on one’s own.
  • It is preferably to have a technical education (complete or last course with an opportunity to be full-time employed).
  • Desire to obtain new knowledge, self-dependence and responsibility.
  • Love of labour – there are many tasks and they are different, you need to be deep in process.
  • It is preferable to have a minimum portfolio (independently optimized texts, maybe, availability of websites in TOP searches for more productive interviewing).


  • Payment following the interviewing. The salary is calculated individually depending on the start level of candidate.
  • Prospects for advancement.
  • Flexible work schedule: beginning of day till 11 a.m.
  • Office located at Dmitrovskaya underground with playroom, library, kitchen room, shower room and other goodies available.
  • Paid fitness with pool; corporate breakfasts, beverages, coffee, fruits in the office. Participation in professional events.


  • First 1-3 months after employment, it is supposed to take training (we will start with the basics of website promotion and acquisition of key skills).
  • The specialist will be entrusted with 2-4 simple projects in order to gain a basic experience.
  • All works will be supervised by the Head of Department for the first 3-4 months, but then the specialist shall assume the responsibility and supervise all actions on his own.


  • Sure exploration of Internet.
  • Understanding of such terms as (website, hosting, domain name, search system, robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, hyperlink, subdomain, 404 error, link exchange market, link aggregator, CRM, CMS, Bitrix, etc.).
  • Minimum experience of interaction with SEO sector: understanding of what is SEO, what operations are part of SEO, what is the targeted search request.
  • Desire to work a full day and 5 days a week for a long time, but not sit idle.
  • Systematic approach to solving the tasks, responsibility,
    carefulness, preciousness for reason. The Company has a user-friendly up-to-date CRM, which allows creating and controlling the tasks, so there should be no “failures”. Or it is necessary to explain the client that he “does not need it” at the stage of negotiations or if you have got started, you should complete the task using the Company’s resources.

For more than sure employment:

  • Experience in website coding and creating of HTML websites and using CMS.
  • Experience in website promotion (availability of TOP websites).
  • Composing of semantic cores for website and distribution of requests between pages.
  • Experience in writing of advertising texts or Design Assignment for copywriters.

We are looking forward to your feedback!